10 Natural Hair Vloggers You Should Follow!

Natural hair has morphed from being called “trendy” into a beautiful movement geared toward embracing and loving the hair you were born with! In recent years, companies have taken notice of this growth. Now we can find at least one aisle dedicated to products that moisturize, detangle, style and assist in growing our natural hair almost everywhere we shop. You may find that using a natural hair typing system works for you or maybe you’ve mastered the art of listening to what your natural hair needs through trial and error, but it’s always helpful to have someone who looks like you demonstrating what they do for their hair.

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Black History Month 2014 Arrives


Today is the first day of Black History Month, 2014. I could lament on how ‘they’ gave ‘us’ the month with the least amount of days to celebrate the great heritage and history of black people. Spewing about having to share ‘our’ month with a fake saint named Valentine is another option. How about posting about all the names that have been used to identify Afrikan Afro African American Black Negro Colored folk? Would that be something that would uplift people and cause them to be better or become well rounded or make different decisions? I don’t believe that to be the case, so I’ll save those topics for another post somewhere down the line.

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Dry Skin Brushing for A #Flawless Healthy Body

Do you ever look in the mirror and just tell yourself how beautiful you are? How much you love yourself? I’ve got a lot on my plate daily, but I do take the time to appreciate my hips, thighs, breasts and butt because I’m grateful to be a Queen! I don’t have a crew for hair, makeup and wardrobe baby so I’ve got to be on my real life game. Beyoncé wrote a song for every woman who wakes up: #flawless! I know The Creator made me perfectly, but that was a minute ago. There has got to be some preventative maintenance and tune ups!

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Curlformers On Fine Natural Hair Revisited

I tried Curlformers a while back when I was such a newbie with my newly natural and flat iron free hair. I did everything all the natural hair tutorials told me to do – slather on product, comb through, spray on styler, comb through, glob on some gel, co… – oh you get the picture. The turnout on my fine hair was an awful crunchy mess! It looked like I had stuck my wet finger in a socket and taken a picture.  Did I mention I pulled out a damn chunk of hair with the stupid hook? My results equaled an #epicfail!

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Waking From The Dream To Reality

tributeToday has been set aside to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior. This was such a magical time, full of excitement and preparation when I was a kid.  In grade school, there was a MLK, Jr. program every year. Kindergarten through fifth grade learned excerpts from his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech. We participated in plays highlighting his life. It was a big deal! Girls got their hair pressed and donned new tights, anklet socks with the ruffles and dresses and the boys wore collared shirts and all the parents would come to cheer their students on for doing a good job.

Of course, there was nothing like visiting other churches for their dinner and special programming. I never listened to the preachers, but the choirs were always on point and got the holy party jumping! It was always cool to meet some new friends or catch up with some old ones and it never hurt to see some cute guys, either.  I felt connected to something that was bigger than me; I was part of a movement of empowerment and liberation. Looking back on these celebrations make me smile over fond memories.

As today comes to an end, I’m left to think about human nature. Some of us are creatures of habit; we get so busy in the mundane of every day life that we fail to recognize the gift that it is. I was kind of feeling lackluster about Martin Luther King, Junior holiday. The observance of this day seems to have just dwindled down to time off work for an extended weekend or just another excuse to party. There is such a huge disconnect from original fight for civil rights, but so much work remains yet to be done. I was wondering if people still really have a personal connection to the man and his purpose, and how does that translate to them. Then I came across this flyer:


I just shook my head in shock. It’s just so wrong on infinite levels, but this is someone’s translation of who and what Martin Luther King was all about. The #ratchet imagination of whoever did this sees nothing as sacred and somehow thought this was paying respectful homage to the greatness of Doctor King. To depict Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior, as a blinged out, gold chain sporting, white tee wearing ‘OG’ is absurd, but to superimpose Nicki Minaj like they’re on the same level? #WTF?! The ‘free at last’ used as the entrance fee for the party? #mindblown But the worst thing about this is that people came to the party with no conscience prick or any idea of why this is offensive and disrespectful.

But this image did a great justice for me; it snapped me out of a state of complacence and showed that there is still a true need to reach and teach people. Because ignorance is not bliss…it’s ignorance. That’s my slice; speak your piece.